Genre Poll Thread

  • Rock
  • Jazz
  • Classical
  • Hip-hop/Rap
  • Pop
  • Soul/RnB
  • Folk
  • Electronica
  • Regional

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I think it would be interesting to see what musical orientations the Roon user base is made of, and in what proportions. How about a quick poll?

The answer is simply your primary genre. I love music from multiple genres but I grew up listening to Rock and that is a part of my community culture and personality. I’d be interested to see how others identify, as it were.

Let’s keep it very top level: Rock, Jazz, Classical, Folk, Hip-Hop, Electronica, Pop, [Regional] – at that level – I’m sure there are a few I omitted but you get the idea.


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CLASSICAL +10 characters

Classical (something, something emoji)

Argh no!

But if I had to choose It’d be Blues. Or perhaps most definitely Rock… No wait… Jazz!! Ok ok it is Rock… For now…

Sorry am genuinely divided.

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mmm, my ‘genre of choice’ is mostly mood dependant: rock, blues, jazz - but never classical (I’m too un-edumacated to appreciate it).



classical for me

Genre is not something I care about. It is mood related so today I listened to a U.K. grime rapper and a pop/reggae band who’s first LP I played to destruction as a teenager. Tomorrow it might be some old school rocksteady or a bit of prog rock. Jazz, classical, world, electronic, Americana are all in my collection. I love music. Genre is just a way of limiting my exposure to the thing I love.


Or honing in on same…

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My brain doesn’t really work that way. I do let Roon Radio do its thing based on what I last listened to and then focus on something it might throw up, but more normally I remember something heard on broadcast radio and listen which tends to be more mood dependent. I think I have very broad tastes and it does occasionally throw people when you pull up to a drive through window listening to a Muslim Indian man singing love songs in Punjabi! I discovered him when I ripped some music for a mate and sent it to him while he was serving in Iraq. The singer was his late Mums favourite.

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You left out the one I’d vote for :see_no_evil:


Hope you don’t mind my inserting the Poll mechanic James. Let me know if you’d like more options or other bells and whistles.

I think Regular users can build polls using the gear icon in the post editor.

[Edit: What I should have done here was edit James’ original post to add the poll mechanic. Ah well, we live and learn.]

The vast majority of the music I listen to is progressive rock, but closely followed by electronica. Due to the difficulties of genre definition, this is a very difficult poll!

Pop/Rock so a bit of a bugger for choice

I don’t mind at all, thank you for doing that! I didn’t know there was such a thing.

To clarify, it was not my goal to make folks choose a genre to the expense of their eclectic tastes. My curiosity started with wondering if there could indeed be a good music tool that would satisfy both classical music fans and those of other genres, their schema being somewhat different. Then I thought, let’s just see what most of the Roon base uses Roon for!

Thanks to all who are responding.

Jazz every day and every night. Mostly 50s and 60s Jazz.

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Sorry @andybob

Serious omissions - basically these are top tier genres!


And if you’re drilling down to Soul/RnB and Hip Hop and Electronica, then what about
Ambient? (really Electronica should be encompassed into one genre Electronic - itself a sub-genre of Rock - along with Ambient, Trip-Hop, etc)
New Age?
Avant Garde?
Latin?, and so on…

Imho… once you get out of the main genres:


and possibly Folk, which could be said is basically another subdivision of country or rock or blues depending on the flavour, then it’s a real minefield of split opinions.

Don’t shoot the messenger - the list came originally from James. Personally I would have gone with a poll with just two genres: Classical and non-Classical… :slight_smile: