Genre Poll Thread

OMG you guys.

Point being, my list was meant as examples to keep it at a high level and not drill down to 17th Century Central-European Chamber Music. Yes, absolutely Blues, Country, etc. would fit. Perhaps that is why multiple choice is a tough fit here. Anyway, respond as you’d like - it will still provide us with an idea of the makeup of the user base.

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I’ve tried to find out by getting my listening stats from within Roon - but it seems like the app won’t tell me which genre I should poll for straight away. :sunglasses:

None-classical beats classical, but chamber music beats what I classify as Popular Music after 1990:slight_smile:

More details are probably available somewhere in the :cloud::roll_eyes: :wink:


Lol… Sure… Sorry. Haha but I guess we are all a bit passionate about our music :heart_eyes:

Rock, Alt-Country, Jazz, Bluegrass, and and… the beauty of Roon/Tidal for a lot of us is that we are musical omnivores and they make it easy for us to explore.

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Jazz, esp. Sax.

More Jazz.
Anything else that moves me.

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I’m surprised Classical is at such a low percentage. IMHO Classical fans are probably the most quality oriented (most other forms of music already flow through electronics, whether played live or recorded, other than jazz, which is a bit of a hybrid) and as such I expected it to be a bigger part of the user base.


Over 65% of my music library is jazz. Almost all kinds of kinds of jazz (the “almost” because I have almost no smooth jazz) - everything from Louie Armstrong’s Hot Five & Seven to Cecil Taylor to Miles to Coltrane to Snarky Puppy to John Zorn to …

If you look at the postings in the what are you playing now thread HUGE amounts of jazz. Very little classical in comparison.
Which might be a good thing, even though I can’t stand most jazz myself, going to live events it seems to me that the jazz demographic is much younger on average than classical.

Interesting. So many of the usability comments in Roon are about Classical. Maybe Roon needs to split off a Classical module, or have a Classical mode, since it is organized so differently?

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What could be gained by doing this?

Oh, OK, I get it. You’re just making a tongue-in-cheek comment.

You could take it that way and I’d be fine with it. But I was sort of serious that maybe it should be considered - that Classical has a number of unique attributes and perhaps those are better addressed through a sort of reorganized implementation of Roon. Maybe classical fans would be willing to pay some additional fee to have Roon reconfigured for their use, and that would provide the budget to do so. Just a thought.

There are now specifically designed streaming services for classical. Eg Primephonic

With tailored search criteria and presentation for classical.

Your idea is very astute.

Thanks. I certainly don’t mean to suggest banishing Classical fans to box set purgatory. I was just thinking that there are certain features, or configurations, what have you, that are specific to Classical, and that one size fits all doesn’t work across genres in this respect. If Roon doesn’t want to create a deep set of configuration options, which some seem not to want, then maybe it just has an alternate configuration apropos of their light vs dark themes. That may take more development work which is why I suggested it might be an extra charge for those who want it.

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I’d just like to note that…
-“hip-hop” is not a roon genre. there is Rap, but it’s not really the same thing…
-on the other hand, there exist in roon a “instrumental hip-hop” genre.

My current favorite is Americana.

I have very eclectic tastes in music, though jazz, rock, and classical are my go to music. Other genres as the mood strikes me :slight_smile:

Jazz and classical, nothing else.