Genre pop/rock way to generic


I am a new Roon user and I’m still getting used to the interface and plethora of options. When browsing the genre tab I see the pop/rock genre amd that bugs me a bit. That genre is way to broad in my opinion. It displays albums in my collection ranging from Alan Parsons to Dream Theater and Diana Krall.

All my local files are in .wav and metadata is added manually through mp3tag. Is there a way to display or add more genres? So far this is my only gripe and I’m sure there must be a simple solution that I’m overlooking.

If you select Pop/Rock genre and start scrolling down, you will see albums, etc in your library. Keep scrolling and you will find Subgenres of Pop/Rock.

More info on Genres:

If you’re viewing an album, you can click the 3 dots icon and click Edit. You can edit the album by clicking the Edit Album tab and scrolling down to Genres.

More on editing and grooming your collection.

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