Genre questions and favoriting albums

Hi…Started using roon just last week. I really love the tags. Helps me organize/focus in on music I want to hear now.

  1. Is it possible to separate a genre tag that’s nested? The Pop/Rock genre has so many nested tags and I’d like to split them up - This might be a bad idea. Not sure yet.
  2. Do songs on an album inherit the genre tag from the album? So, if I’m focusing on specific tracks will they inherit the genre from the album?
  3. non-genre related question: What’s the point of “favoriting” an album. I love the favorite feature with regard to tracks…but what’s the point with albums?
  1. You can select a sub genre and make it either a top-level genre or a sub genre of a different top-level. Instructions can be found here:
  1. Yes
  2. It’s pretty much the same reasons you would favourite tracks. You can go to Album View, click on the heart at the top of the screen and only show your favourites. From there you can play a favourite album, or click Radio or Shuffle tracks in your favourite albums.

Cheers, Greg

Thank you :smile: Very helpful!! How do I access the Genre Editor?

Click the 3 dots icon and then Edit.

Cheers, Greg

thanks again - sorry for the oversimplistic questions, but thanks for answering.

Before I really screw up the genres…is it possible to reset them without reinstalling roon?

Edit: I guess i would just need to go back into the editor and select “Prefer roon” to reset them.

Thanks for your help!! :sunny:

I would do one at a time, just to make sure its does what you want.

Yes, Prefer Roon would do the trick.

Cheers, Greg