Genre settings ignored

I updated Roon to 1.4 (build 310) about an hour ago. I am running Roon Core on a NUC machine with Ubuntu 16.x.

I added about 40 albums to my database since the upgrade was done. For some (two to be precise) albums there are multiple genres displayed although I use the genre settings:



I only use the genre “Pop” in my files.

I only use the genre “Rock” in my files.

All the rest of the imported albums show up correctly with only one genre corresponding to my files.

Any help is appreciated.

Hi, @papa.jay, thanks for your report! Could you please tell what software do you you to rip or tag those albums? Or did you just purchased/downloaded them somewhere?

Also could you please send us one of the albums to us for further investigation? I will contact you via PM with more details.



Hi @ivan,
thanks for getting back to me.

Both albums are cd-rips which were ripped with dbPoweramp.


Hi, @papa.jay, I examined your file tags, and here’s what I found. Since you’re saying, that you rip your cd’s using dbPoweramp, looks like it automatically adds STYLE tag to flac files, that’s why Roon is seeing more than one genre, except your Genre tag, and we interpret both tags as Genre.

Here are screenshots:



Hi @ivan,
thanks for investigating. I wasn’t aware of the Style-Tag at all.