Genre Settings: trouble with genres extracted from the file tag


I cannot see any of the two options that are indicated, they must be configured to be able to see the organization of existing genres in the file itself.

Iphone XS, Osx:15.3.1

Can you explain more what you mean?

I want to see the organization of genres that I have configured in the metadata of my library files. I have gone to the genre configuration page where it is indicated that two options must be enabled, well neither of the two options appears in the Library tab.

Assumption: You tried it with your iPhone?

Note: Don’t try to use your phone for more than basic browsing, queue and playback operations. Phones are not full featured Roon Controls because of their limited display sizes. Use a tablet to gain access to more functions (including the ones you miss) or a desktop PC (all functions available).

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Thank for your time. Would the setting I make in the PC version reflected on the phone app? I just want to see genres in my own sort out not that mess out that come by default on the app. I said mess up because by default the Roon app show me more than 50 genres almost all havent got sence. Regards.

Your Roon music library is controlled by your Roon Core, so yes.

In this case you probably want to disable the first switch (Use genres from Roon’s metadata database).

Note: You can play around with those options until you are satisfied - just give Roon a little time after each change (after you clicked on save) to reflect your changes.

Thanks Black_Jack, I give it a try and worked fine. Cheers!

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