Genre tags on What's New

I don’t have brilliant Internet bandwidth and seeing what looks like an interesting album on What’s New, loading the info etc. only to discover it’s a genre I don’t like is really frustrating and time consuming.

You already show the release date, album name and artist, why not add the genre? There’s no shortage of space on the page.

You can already filter by genre if you go into the New Music for You section and select the genre. What it does need is for it to be able to set the genre you would like to see.

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That’s really useful, thanks.

A lot of genre’s for new album’s can be a bit off for some genre’s.
Many new Black Metal and Death Metal albums are just flagged as Pop/Rock but maybe for other genre’s it works better.

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Especially electronic is a disaster…

Yes sadly I think that’s just what is fed in through the Metadata providers.
There is clearly a lack of coordinated effort on this. Almost everything I but from Bandcamp has no genre associated with it

Exactly in tidal and qobuz it’s the same.

Only spotify does a great job on electronic sub genres

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I suggested and made a ‘very rough’ mock of how this could work in this feature request.

Added my vote

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I hate when my Death Metal gets labeled Pop! :rofl:

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