Genre tool and distinguishing text filter

When I go into Genres and pick one (say Classical) then show all artists, the result is an artist list with a focus tag of “Classical”. However, if i go into Artists and use the Focus to add “Classical”, there are no artists shown.

Why are these different? I should be able to reproduce the same focus from multiple paths.

How are you using Artist/Focus to add Classical ? Are you using the text filter, which will search among Artists which have the word “Classical” in their name and usually return 0 ? If you click on the Focus/Genre tool and select Classical then you should get what you are after.

Oh, I see now. Huh. Two problems with this then:

  1. There is no affordance that the pie chart or key is clickable and that I would use that to focus the genre.

  2. Once added, the genre and text filters both appear the same in the album view (a green tile) so you can’t tell that they are different (as clearly they are very different).

How can I get this feedback back to the Roon UX team? Thanks for the help!!

I agree that the Focus tools could be better introduced to the user. Perhaps the introduction sparkle with info could be used in the Focus window to explain each tool ?

It might also be useful to differentiate a text filter. Quotes is probably too busy. Perhaps italics ?

I’ll rename the post and shift it to feature requests for general comment. Let’s leave a notification for @danny to look in and see what he thinks.

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Quotes may look a little busy, but it seems to make sense for a user-entered search string.

We use quotes now to differentiate a filter from the other fields. But I have to ask, why would someone type in “Heavy Metal” into the filter box now that they know what the text filter does?

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I am completely on crack. Like @danny says, the chip already uses quotes for text-based searches. I have no idea how I missed that. Really sorry guys. I’ll go back to my cave now :dizzy_face:

Still, having the genres area of the Focus panel have a better click/tap affordance would be helpful.


the entire genres area of the focus panel is a click area that brings up the menu

the individual slices of that crazy ring graph and the list of items are not clickable, they just bring up the much more usable menu.

the graphics are there just to convey size

Understood, but it looks like it solely conveys information, not that it’s a touch target. Now that I know, I’ll use it often, it’s really useful!