Genre versus radio

Browsing “Disover”, I came across the “Roots Reggae” genre. Thought it might be fun so decided to give it a listen. Clicked on it and was offered a choice: “Play Genre” or “Radio”. What’s the difference?

Play Genre plays only tracks with that Genre tag. Radio has an algorithm (recently revised) that starts from the Track but can include similar tracks without the Genre tag.

Speaking of the radio function… Does Roon pull similar tracks from Tidal, from one’s library, or both?

I was using the radio function recently and it seemed to pull similar tracks only from the library on disc. I was familiar with all the tracks as being in my library. If Roon doesn’t pull tracks from Tidal, I’d put that in as a feature request, as it would be a great way to discover new music related to a song we’ve played.

Interesting point… I noticed over the holidays that after completing numerous Christmas albums that I’d queued up (all tagged with ‘Christmas’ as the genre), Roon radio took over and slowly drifted away from Chirstmas music. It was then I realized that radio doesn’t necessarily stick to genre. Is there a way to control what Roon radio does? In other words, could I have forced radio to stick with Christmas as the genre once my playlist completed?

In hindsight, I suspect I would have been better served just to play the Christmas genre, or queued up far more Christmas albums.

I can answer this, from experience. I tend to explore genres I’m less familiar with–hence, have few examples of on disc. Almost everything I hear when I “Play Genre” is new to me. So, much comes from Tidal if you have it.

Which makes me think of a question: I’m a Tidal subscriber currently on a Roon trial. If you pay for Roon, does that include Tidal, or do you need to pay for both? Thanks.

You’ll have to pay for both

Thought so. Thanks.

Right now, Radio plays songs from your library, including Tidal content you’ve added.

Additional controls (including the ability to mix in similar music from Tidal that’s not already in your collection) are on our road map.