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I have an Aurender N10 Bricasti M1 DAC now but thinking of switching from using that to the Bricasti M12 network without the Aurender. I understand that Roon should be working on this soon. I do have a question about how I have my local music files arranged including redbook, some hirez and DSD. The Conductor app has genre that it gets from the metadata but I find that its not all the useful to search for local albums/ tracks. Currently it lists about 50 genre so its quite a list. However in the Aurender Conductor they have a section of tabs that I can label myself that pull their albums from folders I have created with the same name either in the Aurender or NAS. I believe you can have up to 5 per hard drive and since the N10 have two 10 is the maximum which I have found to be plenty. So for example some of my tabs are Bands, Instrumental, Female vocal, Male vocal. Xmas etc. I have sorted my local music files to fit within one of these tabs and then they are located in a directory with the same name. I find this a lot more useful to find local albums quickly and then tracks within the albums. Is this possible with Roon?


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Hey @Michael_McCarthy – a few points to make here.

Roon comes with a curated genre tree that you may find easier to approach than a flat list of 50 genres – its starts with high level genres like Jazz or Blues, and then drills down to subgenres (like Bop, or Delta Blue Revival).

You can use it with the genres you have stored in your file tags, or you can just use the genres Roon retrieves. More information is here.

Roon does not have a folder browser view, but you can create tags like the ones you describe here. More information on tags here.

If you want to organize a folder of content into a tag, there’s a method you can follow the instructions here. Basically, you’ll filter your library for the folder you want to tag, and tag all the tracks in that folder. You can then use that folder in any browser (Album browser, Artist browser) to see any content from that folder.

The other option, if you’re only looking at 10 folders, is to watch each one individually. Then you can Focus on each one, or save a bookmark. Just keep in mind that setting up more granular watched folders this way has some limitations, namely that M3U playlists in your watched folders can only reference tracks in that folder. If you’re not importing M3U playlists, that probably won’t matter.

Hope that helps!


Ok so I see how the curated genre tree may be much more helpful since I think similar or the same family would be grouped together sounds like a good idea. However back to my question if I have on my network drive my albums presorted like this:

You say there is no file view in Roon right? I think I can by using your filter function to filter my albums into these directories but I have already done that already it’s like doing it all over again just so your software can find them together. Is there not some other way? It’s like I have already done the work and don’t really need help to sort or filter a long list of albums that your software has apparently many ways to do. I really don’t want to start all over just so your software recognizes it the way I want to see my albums grouped.

Also wondering just how Roon works. The music files must pass through the computer that I will be using right? I’m thinking of getting a dedicated computer and then connect to my router direct with a network cable. The concern I have is the whole point of the Aurender is it is designed specifically for its purpose – power supply, mother board, isolation from noise so it does not bleed into the music tracks. The computer I will be getting is just your average computer but dedicated to Roon. However there is nothing done to limit noise etc. So back to my question since in Roon there is some manipulation of the files – fade, whatever you call to even out the loudness of tracks so the tracks go from my NAS to the computer out to the router then from there to the Bricasti M12. Is that right? If so will this path not impart noise etc or in someway hard the digital music file so that it can be heard?

@support. Mike I have emailed you twice last week. Posted my reply here for a few days. Are you not in or what is going on???

Hey Michael,

Apologies for the slow response here.

There’s been a lot of discussion about folder browsing functionality on this site. It’s not something we’ve completely ruled out, but it’s also not something we’re currently planning to implement. I’d definitely recommend searching around and reading some of the discussion, especially posts by @AndersVinberg – we understand that some people have organized their music this way in the past, and we understand that people are invested in that organization.

That said, using folders to organize music has some real disadvantages – does “Ella & Louis” go in the Jazz folder, or the Vocals folder? Does it go in the Louis Armstrong folder, or the Ella Fitzgerald folder? Or a new “Ella and Louis” folder? Roon is built around the idea that an album can very well be both Jazz and Vocals, and should be filed under both artists, and also displayed just as the artists intended (ie Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong).

All of this is valuable context, and a system built around that context is significantly more flexible than a more rigid system built around how the files are stored. The workaround I mentioned above would allow you to migrate the organizational work you’ve already done and use Tags going forward. It’s up to you whether that works for you, but I can’t really make any commitments about additional folder browsing functionality being implemented in the future.

The goal of Roon is to separate the noisy computer (which enables Roon’s rich metadata and browsing capabilities, which happen in the Core) from the rendering of your audio (which would happen in the Bricasti M12 for you).

By separating the two pieces of functionality, we believe you get the best of both worlds – a rich browsing experience, and a beautifully quiet rendering of your music. Lots more information about the advantages of our architecture here.

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