Genres and Style

I’m a new user on the trial period. I’m a veteran JRiver Media Center user. I rip all my music using dbpoweramp. I only want 20 Genres total. I have the import settings:

  • Use genres from Roon’s metadata database: no

  • Use genres extracted from file tags: yes

Turns out that roon imports genres from both the genre field and the style field. I don’t want any genres imported from the style filed. I have two obvious solutions:

  • manually modify the roon database

  • modify my music files to remove any style fields

Is there a third, slicker, option? I did experiment with Tag Delimiters for Genre Tags but all my experiments made the problem (created even more unwanted genres) worse.


Hi @Dale_Johnson,

Either of these will work for you — Whichever you find more preferable.

No, Roon will import these tags as genres and there are no options to import only Genre but not Style.

I have the same situation. What do you mean by manually modify the roon database?

If I were to modify the physical file to make the Genre and Style tag the same or remove the sytle tag, could I instruct roon to rescan the files?
Would i have to remove the album and then add it back to roon?

#2 is what I ended up doing.

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I would go through all the albums in Roon and remove the genres that were imported from the style field. Tedious but think there are shortcuts like right clicking on multiple albums, etc.

I haven’t tested it yet but I would edit the actual music files (in my case nearly all FLAC) and remove all the entries under style and then refresh the import of the files. Think it’s settings>library.

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