Genres and the Identification process

good morning fabulous Roonies.

I have a significant number of albums in my collection that are not identified. As Roon’s access to databases improves, some of these albums are being identified. In the meantime, I have assigned them to genres - some of which are my own. For example, I have “piano” (whereas Roon often uses “Classical/keyboard” - which doesn’t help you distinguish between piano, organ, harpsichord, virginal or any number of other keyboards…).

When one of my unidentified albums becomes identified, what happens is that Roon replaces my genres with its own. Now, to be clear, this is not about what Roon does when I import albums. These albums were imported years ago (I’m a lifer since 2016), and sometimes are only now being identified - and ruining my genre specifications.

I cannot find a setting which tells Roon to add its own genre specifications to the ones that have already been chosen or created inside Roon by the user, when it discovers it can now ID an albums which has been in my collection for years and years.

Related to this issue, is the following. Periodically when Roon does its scan of my folders, if I click on the spinning wheel, it tell me that it is adding newly identified music. It would be extremely useful if one could find out which music has been newly identified - among other reasons, so that one can go and rectify the newly mangled genre identifications that might ensure!! :slight_smile: (Of course this would not be strictly necessary of Roon only added its genres, rather than replacing mine. And again, this is not an issue which can be fixed by changing the import settings, as nothing is being imported here; nor would I want to turn off the use of Roon’s genre settings, as many of them are excellent. It is a case of both/and: adding Roon’s own identification and not having them replace my own, but added to them. Shouldn’t be hard…).

Thanks once again for all the brilliant work on this amazing software that makes my day better every day!.

Painful , but look on the bright side Roon is not impacting your files .

In answer I don’t know of any mechanism to achieve what you want , you can tell Roon to use your Genre in the settings but than you have to do it forever . Personally I would rather let Roon do it’s own thing and learn it’s foibles to work around it rather than manage my own genre.

I do manage my own genre as it happens for my alternative library but Roon ignores them.

I have a large classical collection and my first point of entry is always Artist and occasionally Composer. A new trick the old dog learned on transferring to Roon 8 years ago.

You can have Roon display your genres from your files in addition to Roon’s own genres using these settings;

With these settings Roon should be displaying your genres from your files as well as Roon’s own genres.

Am I understanding correctly the is what you are trying to accomplish?

EDIT: Re-reading your post, I think you are talking about what Roon does with genres you added in Roon, not in the actual files. In this case, my solution wouldn’t apply. :frowning:

Hi - and yes, unfortunately you are correct about that. The issue isn’t with the import settings. But thank for taking the time!!

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