Genres displayed under album don't match those displayed in the album edit window?

I thought I would take a look at album genres. I found the following album, and it has the genres below it:

Now, I can agree with the first 3 genres listed, but this album is not psychedelic/garage. Psychedelic yes, garage no. So I go to edit the album to remove this genre:


Hold up! The genres here don’t seem to match with those listed for the album! Where is psychedelic/garage??


Is this a local album? I don’t have it in Qobuz or Tidal. If local, might the offending genre maybe be in the file tags?

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Local album yes. And that’s one reason I prefer having my own “physical” collection to streaming services lol.

Where do I see/edit the tags?

I’d check if there is anything in the files themselves. Copy the album off your music storage (just to be safe) and use some file tag editor to take a look if there is a genre tag in the file and what it says

Bumping this, I have this issue too. For example, this album shows no genres despite me defining them, and others only show one of a few.

This is a new known issue in the latest update, they are working on a fix

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Thanks for letting me know!

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