Genres from tags not appearing as "top level"


I unchecked Roon genres in the settings and expected the genres that I set in the metadata of all my files to appear unmodified in Roon.

What happens is that for instance the genre Ambient is not appearing as a main genre in genre navigation, but is hidden as a subgenre under Electronic.

Is this normal behavior? Could this be changed?



Hey Tom,

When you set your Genres to be displayed, they should be visible, but Roon’s normal genre hierarchy is still used, meaning Delta Blues is still considered a subgenre of Blues, for example.

You can find some more discussion of this here and here, but this should all be fully editable so you can rearrange (or flatten) the hierarchy as you wish.

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Hi Mike,

Thanks for this, I managed to make the necessary changes easily now. I have another question: on the ipad, I can change the sorting of the genres. On the iphone I cannot, the sorting seems on the amount of albums per genre and I would like alphabetic. Is there something to do about this?