Genres-Holiday does not always appear

Trying to look for Xmas albums in library. Genre of Holiday is not always listed

Not much to go on. However, if you search for “holiday” and hit enter, you can scroll down to the bottom of the screen and should see Holiday and Holidays under the genres heading.

If I go to albums, focus on genre, holiday does not appear. If I search Holiday, it brings up 5 artists. I know I have about 60 Xmas albums in my library. So, there should be a holiday genre with them in there(no genre holiday appears), or bring them all up if I search holiday. Weird

Ok, finally holiday shows up again under genre. I had holiday albums hidden so I had to focus on that also.

Whilst I don’t use genres, I suspect these albums may have more than one genre, and you need to use “match any”.


Oh ok, thanks
Except I don’t see match any either
So, looks like when I focus I first have to hit hidden, then holiday genre shows up

So, if I do a search of all of Roon for holiday, then genre, it only brings up a few titles, when there must be thousands of holiday albums in Roon. This seems to be a flaw in search