Geofencing for Roon/ARC


I’d love Roon to be geofenced so that it will

  • start playing music before I enter the house,
  • know to stop music after I leave
  • automatically transfer between playback zones as I move around the house/yard, and
  • automatically transfer between Roon and ARC

Excellent points…I know we touched on this last week.
#4 I would list as my priority but all brilliant ideas.:+1:

thanks Ace. I had brought all these up 3+ years ago in a post in the lounge section. I thought, post ARC, it might make sense to actually put it in the Feature Request.

Here’s the original thread.

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4 and 3 would be top of my list. I suspect 3 would be nigh on impossible though, as the boundaries between devices would overlap, and the area would be too small for geolocation to be effective.

I do like the idea of listening to an album via ARC in the car, and then on arrival at home (and my phone rejoining the wifi network) the play queue transfers to an endpoint and continues. Nice.

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If you can face setting up Home Assistant you can do some of this via the roon integration.

Starting and stopping music as you enter and leave is possible.

Moving between zones is possible, but it’s hard to get that precision of geolocation, but you can perhaps try with ble beacons.

The roon integration can’t do anything with ARC (I’d like that feature too).

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Re. #3, how would Roon track movements inside the house?

Re. #4, can you do it manually (i.e. not automatically)? If not, manual transfer may be easiest to implement.

Geo-fencing works by the location of your phone (or other geolocated device) to know whether it is “within” or “outside” a predetermined boundary.

My heating works this way (Tado) - When I leave home my heating turns off. When i return it turns back on.

Unfortunately, unless I lived in Buckingham Palace, this would not really work for zone switching for Roon, as geofencing is not able to work to such granular detail like room by room, and would struggle to switch with any accuracy.

That’s what I’m thinking. You take your phone with you when you leave house and it’s easy to figure out whether you’re home or someplace else. With zones inside the house, it’s a totally different problem.

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Bluetooth is a way to tell if you’re in the room or not…

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It’s still a challenge to do reliably.

There are some HA guys discussing options here.

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Sure. Sometimes I just want live in the Jetsons. :grinning:

I can think of a better scenario. You wear headphones and a tracker that not only determines your position inside a space, it also tracks your head movements and makes sure the sound comes from the same location in the house. You can configure it to stay put (and behave like there were no walls) or “slide” to a different fixed position when you cross into a different room. We can build that, we have the technology.