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I’m trying to addd Gerhard Unger to an album artist tag. He’s present in the data (one can search for him and find his discography), but when I search his name in Edit Album–>Add Primary Artist he’s not there.

if I add him manually, his name does not link to the existing entry. is there any way to fix this?

Probably simply the annoying issue in the link below. First ensure that you have an album where he is credited in your library. Then he should show up during editing. Else artists aren’t found. Or merge them later. See:

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thank you, that worked! as much as a love Roon, classical is still quite a struggle, and there do not seem to be any real improvements. perhaps there’s no-one on Roon staff who truly understands how classical should be organized.

the penguin guide figured this all out in the '70s.

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Clearly classical is in general still an issue, from what I read. I think the metadata is just not there. Luckily one thing that does not affect me really.

But this one is not at all limited to classical, like I wrote in the other post I get this all the time with indie. I believe the issue here is that there’s just too many artists and Roon can’t search for all of them (yet) in the cloud during editing. So you need one representative album in your library where the artist is credited, else the artist won’t show up. Yes it’s annoying, but it’s better once you know that. It confused the hell out of me when I started with Roon. Let’s hope that Roon moving more and more into the cloud can help with this in the future.

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