🇩🇪 German Translation: Fine tuning

Die Qualität wird eben nicht “verbessert”, wenn verschiedene Umwandlungen (Bit-Tiefe, Abtastrate, Pegel usw.) des Originalstreams vorgenommen werden.
Der Signalweg wird tatsächlich “erweitet”, da zusätzlich verschiedene Stufen durchlaufen werden. (DSP, Lautstärkeanpassung, Überblenden usw.)

noch zwei Kleinigkeiten

“Lautstärke” ist dreimal richtig und einmal falsch geschrieben und es müsste “bei allen Titeln” heißen


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Habe die Fehler bei Lautstärkeanpassung korrigiert.
Danke für den Hinweis.
Über den „Signal path: enhanced“ muss ich nochmal grübeln. :slight_smile:

Angehoben? Gesteigert?

Hm, ich glaube es ist nicht so wichtig, wort- und sinngemäße Übersetzungen finden, sondern die einzelnen englischsprachige Begriffe vernünftig erklärend über setzen

Hello German translation team!

We have just added some text to our translation software that was reported missing by another user in this thread.
Please feel free to add your translations for that string when possible, here is the link to that string. Thanks!

– Noris

I found the English text is only telling about not sharing the AGE of a user creating a profile. But what about the user’s birthday. It should be mentioned that AGE AND BIRTDAY are not shared…

Roon 1.7 (511) on macOS and on iPadOS 13 operating in German language
Core 1.7 (511)

Description Of Issue

There is an option to add a new line in the “Identify Album” dialog. The purpose is to add new lines in order to match your own songs with Roon’s metadata.
In the German version this button is labelled “Spalte hinzufügen”. This is wrong. “Spalte” means column. Correct is “Zeile hinzufügen”.
Please correct this in the next builds for macOS and iPadOS. Thank you.


Hi @Henrik_Lampe,

This sounds like it’s an aspect for the German translation team, so I have moved your post over to the German translations thread.

Sorry, this was me by mistake. I have deleted my entry. It should be correct in the next release.

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Thank you. For me as a Roon newbie it was challenging to understand the usage of this button (especially for German songs, as Roon detected not many of them).

Just found another little translation miss. In the Queue multipart pieces show up in English.

The “3 parts” in the attached example should read “3 Sätze”.

Bildschirmfoto 2020-04-01 um 16.42.02|689x481

Hi all,
whilst the Roon User Interface seems to be pretty complete, all menu entries of the macOS application seemingly haven’t been translated yet.

I’m not sure if this is the right place, hoping so, please find the correct strings below.



  • About Roon
  • Preferences …
  • Services
  • Hide Roon
  • Hide Others
  • Show All
  • Quit Roon


  • Undo
  • Redo
  • Cut
  • Copy
  • Paste
  • Delete
  • Select All
  • Start Dictation
  • Emoji & Symbols


  • Enter Full Screen


  • Close
  • Minimize
  • Zoom
  • Tile Window to Left of Screen
  • Tile Window to Right of Screen


  • Help
  • Search
  • Send Roon Feedback to Apple
  • Roon Help



  • Über Roon
  • Einstellungen …
  • Dienste
  • Roon ausblenden
  • Andere ausblenden
  • Alle einblenden
  • Roon beenden


  • Eingeben widerrufen
  • Wiederholen
  • Ausschneiden
  • Kopieren
  • Einsetzen
  • Löschen
  • Alles auswählen
  • Diktat starten
  • Emoji & Symbols


  • Vollbildmodus
  • Fenster
  • Schließen
  • Im Dock ablegen
  • Zoomen
  • Fenster auf der linken Bildschirmseite anordnen
  • Fenster auf der rechten Bildschirmseite anordnen


  • Hilfe
  • Suchen nach
  • Roon Feedback an Apple senden
  • Roon-Hilfe

That’s weird. The German language is 100% translated.
But this seems to be a macOS specific problem.

I’m using an emulated Windows version and Android devices, so I can’t check or confirm this.

Maybe other @TranslationAdmins can help here?

The Mac menu is also in English with the Dutch language version of Roon. That’s strange because I have the Dutch MacOS version. I think Roon staff has to do something with this because all other apps on my Mac do have a Dutch menu (except apps in English).
So I think macOS sees Roon as an English language app despite being translated into German, Dutch, etc.


In the Polish version of Roon, the menu in macOS is English. Polish is my primary language.


Hi @iThore , please what is your Mac Language & Region setting? Do you have DUtch as the primary language? Cheers, Tom

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Hi @Tomas_Honzak ,
the region settings on my Mac are set to German (the preferred language is set to German (“Deutsch”), the region is set to Germany (“Deutschland”)).

Thus, I do not have Dutch set as the primary language.

Based on the feedback by @Jan_Willem and @Tomasz_Czubkowski , it seems to me as if the Roon application currently either ignores the Mac language settings, or does not contain the correct translated strings in the respective languages and therefor falls back to English as the standard setting.

@florib I have done a quick test - switching the Roon language to German and setting my primary language in the MacOS to German and rebooted - the application menu remained in English, so this seems to me to be a bug. Given that the Roon application itself does not use hardly any system components (Electron application or something simiar?) it is probably some issue in the Mac build…

Sorry, I got a bit confused where exactly I am responding. I have tested on my system and unfortunately can only confirm it is a bug - suggest to report it through support

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