Get a rogue track back with album [solved]

I’ve got one track that I can’t get associated with an album. How do I fix this? All of the metadata is the same – ensured this by saying to use only file metadata for all of the tracks. Thanks!

The rouge track:

The rest of the album:

You can edit the album and try selecting “Fix track Grouping” or you can Selec the two albums and combine them.

@Still-One – thanks for the help.

I tried Fix Track Grouping – here’s what I get. Notice that there is no track 6

Here’s the rouge track:

How do you select two albums at one time? Was looking for that option . . .

I figured it out. This got it for me:

@Still-One – I learned something today – you right click on an something to select it!

I just use the long push on my MacBook Pro’s track pad. Glad yo have it working.