Get Rid of the Album Reviews

I’m getting increasingly frustrated with the sub-standard album reviews that Roon thrusts in my face each time I play an album. These reviews, culled, it seems, from allmusic, which is NOT exactly a respected source for classical music reviews, are nothing more than subjective opinion pieces devoid of any serious insights. I know what a good review reads like - I subscribe to Gramophone, BBC Music, Diapason, and Classica, and though I disagree with some of these reviews, which is normal, at least I know why I disagree, as these reviews actually put forward a serious argument. Not so with Roon reviews!
Hence my urgent request: ditch these reviews or at the very least make them OPTIONAL (something I guess most Roon users could happily live with).I love the Roon experience, but unless something is done about the reviews, I am thinking of ditching Roon altogether.

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I think there should be an option of putting in your own review. For example the implementation would be useful for the album without review from All-music.

And why would you think roon would have both the time and the expertise to curate them?

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I like the reviews even if I disagree with them as it helps me centre my thoughts. Often I will read reviews that give perspective, especially with music I am unfamiliar with. Reviews are a great feature for me and it would be great to edit the field to add my own on my Bootleg albums


I couldn’t disagree more with the OP. I personally love the album reviews, and have actually read new things about my classic rock albums that I have listened to for 40+ years. They are especially useful for my extensive jazz collection, where I often don’t have a lot of the back story. If you don’t like the reviews, don’t read them! On the other hand, I do agree with @Pete_C and @Chrislayeruk that it would be nice to be able to put in your own reviews, as I have a very extensive bootleg collection. The workaround that I use now is to put the comments into a PDF and save the PDF in the same folder as the bootleg. Then I can often review that PDF as album art in Roon.


I do not support this…at all.

“Hence my urgent request?” Please.

Reviews are one of the best parts of Roon for me, esp. when exploring music one knows nothing about. Read, don’t read, or read between the lines. I suppose an option to hide them would be the best solution for those that don’t enjoy them.

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Why wouldn’t you support making it optional? Quite a few people don’t like the reviews. Were they optional, nobody would lose.