Getting a grip of reality

It appears some need to focus on real world problems and not the minuscule infringements or disagreements regarding points of view.
Does anyone think we need to shrug off the small stuff and focus on the well being of humanity?

To be sure. OTOH, obsessing about the small stuff is a welcome but incomplete distraction from those greater concerns.

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True Dat.

But this is an Music, Audiophile, Roon Feature/Functionality based site, so that may not apply here.

Better yet, just ignore those threads that are out of whack and flip screens to your Roon Player and enjoy, I just started some great music, gotta go explore.


Your question presents a false dichotomy. It’s not an either/or situation. Also, by asking the question, we’re now focusing on your question rather than “well being of humanity”. :wink:

Only if you cant manage multiple levels of thought.