Getting a little fed up with crashes

I absolutely love my Roon system, but I’m seriously considering letting my sub expire if these iOS crashes aren’t fixed. I’ve done absolutely everything I possibly could; new app install, reboot, even reset my phone. Happens on my iPad as well. Running iOS 15.4.

Considering these are the two main devices I use as remotes, Roon has become an exercise in frustration. The silver lining is that I’ve used my turntable an awful lot more.

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I hope these are sorted for you soon. FYI you can install Roon on a Mac or PC and control it from there (no idea what your core is running on), so no need to suffer with vinyl in the meantime.

That’s a funny statement! Seriously hope that you are really joking?


Sorry, couldn’t resist, was trying to help the OP continue to use Roon.
My turntable was sold off in the 90s and I find the current vinyl revival quite amusing and a little sad, but let’s not let this thread turn into something else.

Im not seeing issues with 2018ipad pro 11" or iph x, 12PM and 13PM all on 15.4 or prio for that matter…clearly some things are affecting a few folks only.

and for the record I have 8 turntables, 4 in use now and then 4 being in restoration, but pick the roon remotes up for roon 98% of my listening

When I had these issues (2 or 3 times) I closed all other apps and clear the safari caches
Then Roon work very well on my iPhone and IPad
When I than use safari or other apps I have no issues

Thanks for the tip! I tried this as well, and it worked for a short period, but started crashing again.

My core is running in a docker container in Unraid, and has been there for years with no issue. As part of my troubleshooting, I’ve even tried a different core, but same result.

And LOL… My turntable is a great way to rediscover music I don’t have digitally or can’t find streaming. Roon is definitely my preference, but well…

I think that’s the part that’s bugging me the most… iOS is a fairly closed system, so you would think apple devices running the same apple os would have the same result.

Did you see the prices of recommended cartridges $1000+

Ditto I use a 2021 iPad Pro 12.9 , get very occasional crash not enough to niggle, probably a WiFi connection failure on control