Getting an iheart radio station added

Is it possible to get 97.1 zht iheart radio in Salt Lake City, Utah added to streaming?

Roon core is my PC with a connected Mycloud NAS for the Library and all devices are chromecast devices

So I figured out how to find the station and I added the url through tunein and now it gives a message "Playback was interrupted because a track failed to load’

Hello @Cory_Layton , I’ve added KZHT for you. Please check if OK

Worked when you added it, my link still doesn’t work but it doesn’t matter now…

Thank you!

Hmm, I’m getting drop-outs. Let me explore…

Ok, the HLS stream is causing Roon problems. I’ve deleted that one. The other stream is better anyway as Roon picks up the metadata.

thank you!

is there a way to add Pandora to the streaming as well?

I’m afraid not. It needs a subscription.
I don’t know, if once signed up, whether specific streams are fixed though tied to your account. If so, it might be possible to add a stream to your my live radio. (i.e. specific to you)

I have a free Pandora account and I also have a Lifetime Sirius account. I don’t know if that works or not. I’m really new to all this and just mustering my way through…

I’ve done some digging.

It works by generating a ‘station’ (which may exist already), and then requesting a song fragment from the server. This is loaded in one go and then can be played, or skipped, as desired.

Roon can’t deal with that scenario.

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