Getting distortion when playing back TIDAL

Anyone else getting distortion when playing back Tidal through Roon since recent update ?

I’m hearing lots of distortion and noise on multiple devices (Cambridge Audio Edge network streamer & amp, Sonos) and when I playback using native apps (Tidal connect, AirPlay etc) I don’t have the same issue.

Any help would be appreciated !

No distortion here…

No sorry?
Have your audio settings changed by any chance?

No, nothing has changed my end but getting loads of distortion …… not sure what time try ??

no problems here either

… as well as screenshots of device setups and DSP settings, if you want any substantial help …

That said, it could be caused by clipping due to your settings.
Engage the clipping indicator by clicking 1 - 2 - 3 as in the screenshot.
Watch it turn the signal path indicator red 4 on clipping during playback and enter increasingly negative numbers 5 as a remedy.

If your distortion is not due to clipping, get back to us fellow users with more complete info so we might be able to assist you further…


Very helpful thanks - I will try and come back to you.

Up until a few days / week ago it was perfect - clear, sharp and no distortion …. Something has happened and so I’ll try some investigation

Have you tried rebooting everything? network (modem/router/switches), core, clients, and music system(s)