Getting error message "Metadata improver: paused" [Resolved - Core Reboot]

Core Machine

Network Details

Spectrum router and Modem and on Ethernet.

Audio Devices

Ayon Triton Amp with XLR cables

Library Size

approximately 12000 tracks

Description of Issue

I am getting the error message “! Metadata improver: paused” which is followed by a message to check the internet connection and ensure the latest version of Roon is installed. I have checked and I do have the latest version and my internet speed is remains unchanged at 500 mb/s. Please advise.

Thank you!

Christian Anfosso


This error message is typically displayed when the Roon Core can not reach Roon’s cloud servers.

I would recommend first reboot your router and any associated network equipment.
Then reboot the Roon Core and see if that fixes the issue.

Other have found updating use or for DNS services … see below …

You most likely have added items to your library while this particular Core wasn’t granted a license. Make sure you un-authorize any other Roon Cores on your network.

And, the remedy is simple, restart this Core and grant it your authorization.

Many thanks!

Kind regards,


Carl & Mikael,

Thanks to you both. I’m embarrassed to say a simple reboot of my core solved the problem. (Sometimes I can be a dummy!). And sorry for the double-post, I thought it left off my core in the first post.

I am obviously a rookie with Roon. I hope you folks have a great weekend.


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