Getting iMac to recognize USB

I’m trying out a new USB/SPDIF interface and my Mac Mini which is my core is connected directly by USB. My previous interface Mutec MC3+ USB was left on 24/7 and was always recognized by Roon (really the Mac Mini). With the new one, I’m not leaving on all the time so every time I turn it on, it is not recognized by Roon. If I unplug the USB from the interface and plug back in, it shows up. So this is a Mac issue not really Roon. I don’t want to unplug and plug every time. Any tips or tricks to get the Mac to recognize the USB interface?

Hi @Benb,

What kind of USB DAC is this?

Have you checked with the manufacturer about this behavior?

Turned out it was as simple (dumb) as changing the System Preferences => Sound to output to that USB and it is all good. It is an Abbas tube DAC and an Abbas USB SPDIF converter. Great sounding gear.


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