Getting incompatible build message on iMac running 10.16

Danny, I’m having the same problem on my iMAC, which has the current OS installed: Roon 2.0 is installed on my Nucleus Core and on my iPad, but will not update on install on the MAC. What comes up is the “incompatibility” message re Roon 1.8 and when I deleted the Roon App and reinstalled (twice), it come up as Roon 1.8. So, any suggestions to your query may help me as well and others…

can you post a screenshot? from your message, im not clear if it is the Nucleus or the iMac that can not update.

Also, can you verify what version of Mac OS you are running on the iMac? You can find out by visiting the apple logo in the upper left of your screen and selecting “about this mac”.

Got some logs from your Mac’s Roon install.

Dont know how technical you are, but here is a suggestion:

  1. Close Roon
  2. Then go to your Mac’s “Finder”, the thing that shows you all your files and stuff, and eject all the Roon installers?
  3. open Roon
  4. visit Settings → About in Roon?
  5. see if update works?

sometimes rebooting will also help since it may clear out those dmg mounts that I want you remove in step #2

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