Getting logged out of ARC

Roon Core Machine

Core is on Ryzen 5 3600 - 32gb ram - windows 11

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Bell home hub 3000 - Home Hub 3000 - support, help and troubleshooting from Bell Internet

Connected Audio Devices

Connected to Sim Audio 390p via network (through router)emphasized text

Number of Tracks in Library

About 40 000 tracks mostly FLAC or ALAC

Description of Issue

Port forward works well but I seem to be disconnected of ARC on my phone quite often.
Never happened when using the app just when I open it up to listen in the car etc. I’m quite often logged out.
I have two phones and it seems to happen more on my iphone running latest iOS available

This happens somewhat randomly for me as well. Usually when I’m on the edge of my wifi and waiting for the phone jump to cellular.

If I force crash the app and start it again then it logs in fine. That’s not a great workaround but wanted to mention it. I too, have iPhone.

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As for me I could be leaving work and this happens so definitely not on the same network as my core.
I do not have issues logging in but it’s a little annoying having to login as I’ve already started the car.
Face ID would make it a little annoying but I’d be inclined to say that it is more likely a bug as my android phone never gets disconnected.

But overall I’m super happy with arc

I have the same issue on iPhone.

For me it seems to happen intermittently whenever I return to my car and start the app to continue listening on CarPlay.

Disclaimer: I am a new user so there might be other scenarios as well.

Hi everyone,

Thank you for the reports. These reports indicate two separate conditions are affecting iPhones:

  1. switching from WiFi to cellular connection causes hangs or requires reauthentication issues (login, restarting, even resetting ARC fully)
  2. Initiating a USB connection to a car stereo system - can cause a variety of (usually recoverable) hiccups in ARC.

We’ve made broad improvements to stability during periods of changing connectivity with the new releases since these reports. We have yet to iron out all of the issues with car playback, but we’re investigating and have several tickets in to make improvements in this area (note that CarPlay integration is a key roadmap item, too).

I’m curious to hear how the app has performed in the meantime, particularly after updating to ARC 1.0.3. so I will leave this thread open to invite you to share your experience should you feel inclined. Thank you!

@connor I currently use ARC mostly when I am connected somewhere in the wireless network (home, hotel, company). Every few days I have to log in again.
Roon ARC 1.0.24, Build 64

Unfortunately, I still have to re-login to ARC exceptionally often.

I have it happen specially when plugging into CarPlay as mentioned by Roon.
Seems like if I close the app completely and reopen it’s usually fine

Hi everyone,

Thank you for the reports. The team has an open investigation and I’ll circle back as soon as I have an update. Please accept my apologies I don’t have a solution or next steps at this time, but I should have more information shortly.

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Hi, I am not sure if this particular user fixed this problem. I have the same problem. ARC asks to log in every few days always while on cellular data. The last time it asked me to log in again I was away from home. I choose not to log in and when I was back home and connected to the wifi with my phone it connected to ARC without asking for a log in.

Error message from the ARC app on iphone:

Your Roon Core is online but there’s an issue that’s preventing access. Go to the Roon app for more information

Hey @440Hz,

I’ve made your post into a public thread for better visibility.

When you head into your Roon Core settings>Roon Arc, what does the error message say when you click the drop-down arrow?

Does Arc function properly outside of asking you to log in every few days?

Other than this issue ARC runs perfectly. No error message when I navigate to the ARC in settings in the ROON app, meaning it shows it’s all working OK when I log back in.

Hey @440Hz,

Thanks for letting me know. Next time this happens, please take note of the date and time of this issue, and share it here.

From there, we’ll be able to pinpoint what might be happening at the time of the log out :+1:

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it happened today at 18:04 CET

Hello everyone,

Thanks for your continued patience as we continue to investigate this issue. We have a few follow up questions for you that will help us pinpoint where this error may be occurring:

  1. After you’ve been logged out, if you force quit the app, wait a minute (assuming you have strong cellular service), and re-open, are you still logged out?
  2. Prior to getting logged out, do you notice longer loading times for any of your pages in Arc?
  3. If possible, can you provide more specific context around when you’re logged out? Are you in the car driving, playing audio through your car’s system? Are you stopped in your car, with audio playing from the mobile device directly? Are you being logged out while traveling through a dead zone?

We’ll be monitoring this thread for replies :pray:

  1. Force quitting and reopening works every time. It is what I do.

  2. Can’t say because it happens when I open the app.

  3. I think it’s always when I am getting in my car and open the app to start music. it’ll ask me to login. I force quit the app, reopen it and then it’s all good. Happens before I move my car. At home I am in range of my wifi but not at work. Happens at both places though.

Thank you!

  1. Force quitting and reopening works every time.

  2. I think it’s always when I am getting in my car and open the app to start music. it’ll ask me to login. I force quit the app, reopen it and then it’s all good. Happens before I move my car.

  3. If I open the app before getting in the car it does not fail, but if I get in the car, let the phone connect to the car’s Bluetooth first and then open the app it fails. Force quit and back and it works.

No Carplay, just regular BT. Maybe this is the common denominator: BT

ARC has been working great for me (both cellular and wifi) but today was the first time I was asked to login again and then select my core. Ordinarily that would be slightly annoying but today it happened while I was at a stoplight (usually pretty simple to get ARC started in just a few seconds). So I just had to wait until I got home to login again. Didn’t think to exit the app and then restart it to see if that would work.

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Hi Everyone,

If you could please upgrade to the newest build and let me know if you continue to run into issues with Arc auto logging out, that would be helpful :+1:

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