Getting message to upgrade to 1.7 Build 571. Is this safe?

I also see there is a Build 610? How should I proceed. I heard there nay have been some problems with the Nucleus bricking after one of the updates?

" Yes, it’s safe , it’s very safe , it’s so safe you wouldn’t believe it."
– Babe (Marathon Man 1976)


My Nucleus didn’t “brick”, but I had to reinstall app on iPad(s) to find the core.

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There was a problem in about 0.5% of ROCK units (Nucleus included) that ‘bricked’ with the original new release of RoonOS. There is now a subsequent release of RoonOS that is fine. Should be no issues there.
Haven’t seen any significant issues with Roon build 610.

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I’ve had trouble with Roon Remote on my iPad. It works for a bit, then crashes when I return to it from another app - I just get the Roon logo flashing, then zap its all gone. Rebooting the iPad doesn’t fix it, nor does rebooting Roon Core on my pc. Downloading Roon Remote again from the App Store gets it working again. It happened half a dozen times in an hour. This time it’s lasted longer - I avoided changing the number of albums displayed and showing the Qobuz/Live etc icons. Ie I did the barest minimum of changing settings. Fingers crossed. Will investigate more tomorrow.

hahahahaha… My N+ broke when I updated to 571, then for the next update it was smooth… :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, if it breaks you will need a wired keyboard with USB. :slight_smile: