Getting my music on the server

I’ve been running Roon on my MacBook Pro, and that’s where my library is. I’m now setting up a NUC to use as a music server, running Roon Server. So–very basic question–what’s the best way to transfer music, to move (actually copy) the actual files from the Mac to the NUC? I actually worked as a programmer with the earliest IBM PCs (PC-DOS era) but I’ve been a Mac guy for like 1000 years. Windows is alien to me.


Copy it across the network or add the NUC Drive to the MAC (assuming Mac can write to ntfs) and copy the files.

I would suggest FreeFileSync. You can get it in Mac and Windows flavours.

I use this for keeping all my backups coordinated. And I can use it with the drive on my server across the network to my laptop.