Getting no results for some searches

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I am getting a lot of complete search failures on simple names like “Richard”.

Originally I was searching for Richard Bonynge, the conductor, but I get this.

I have a lot of Bonynge albums and also a Qobuz account so this makes no sense. He was a very prolific conductor.

Then I started searching “Richard A”, “Richard B” . . . . all the way up to “Richard X”. It is very hit and miss. Sometimes I get a “cannot connect to search” message, sometimes I get a list of results. I then tried the same thing with other common names like Tom, Dick and Harry. I get a “cannot connect to search” message for Tom and Dick but Harry returns results. If I go to the Artist browser and filter on Tom, Dick and Harry I have plenty of Tom’s and Dick’s. So does Qobuz.


Hey @Tony_Casey,

@zenit asked us to break this out to a support thread so we could take a closer look. Can you please fill out your system details? I added the template to your post. Thanks!

Something seriously wrong here. It seems to be related to the presence of large box sets.

I know I have this Britten album locally. I’ll try finding it manually in Windows.

In the above Bonynge search if I remove this Ballet Masterpieces album where Bonynge features prominently and then clean library then a search on Bonynge works normally. If I then add the album back to my library then the search on Bonynge fails again.


I am also finding that box sets are simply not showing up in “appearances in my library” when I search on well known conductors, orchestras and artists.

Which build version of roon are you running? You can see that under Settings → About → Roon Version x.0 (build xxxx)

Are there any search queries that do work? Could you please try to restart the roon core if you haven’t done so already?

I have no idea how to do that without some detailed instructions.

Yes. The failed searches seem to the related to the presence of large box sets.

Basic info from a previous thread

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I am no longer using the NAA/SOtM SMS 200 Neo.

Now using a Rose RS 150b but I doubt that is having an effect on search.

Build 1169

Agree, that’s unlikely the issue.

I’ll try to reproduce the issue and get back to you soon.

Ìt doesn’t matter. If I do a search on the artist page I get this:

There’s got to be some network weirdness going on here. I tried your search and he came up in about 1.5 seconds. And I have none of his work in my library, so this is Qobuz only. These are the things Roon needs to address.

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Since the error message is stating that it can’t connect to the search service in the cloud, there’s definitely a network issue somewhere. And since I don’t see the forum flooded with similar reports from others, the finger of suspicion points to something local to your setup, I guess.

You might want to raise a Support request in the #support category to deal with this particular issue?

Edit: Ah - I see that the Roonies have already done this for you. I’ll add your last post to the Support thread…

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As a further data point. I have several large box sets that are essentially unnavigable in roon. So where I can I have split them into individual CD’s. I can see that in several cases although the CD’s are presented individually, they have been identified as part of the box set they originated in.

I have a feeling this is causing this side effect as when I remove the box set, search behaves as expected. I do not recall this being an issue in the past. I would say at this stage I have years and years of split box sets. I am going back now and trying to re-identify CDs that originated in box-sets but its pretty much a hopeless task. This does not seem to be effecting composition filters where the box-sets show up but many of them appear to have become essentially invisible to search at some point in recent releases.

Yes, that seems to be indeed causing issues on our servers. I might be able to fix it, but I’ll have to find something as big in order to reproduce it and verify the fix. Thank you for the detailed descriptions.

So, on the Benjamin Britten page, Jeff Buckley turns up because he sings a Benjamin Britten carol on Grace. Fair enough.

But these two do not show up!


I can confirm that the pattern of failed magnifying glass searches are artists which feature in large box sets. In other words mostly my favorite artists. I can confirm also that the box sets do not appear if I try and search in a different way, for example via artist discographies.

Here are a few more examples:

With some famous artists. Search will return only a radio station and no albums:

With lesser known artists where I may have only a few albums and the artists do not feature prominently on large box sets then search appears to work normally:

Are the box sets in an Identified or Unidentified state?

The boxes I have specifically mentioned so far are all identified. But across my library it is much more complicated. It’s a mixture. It would take a lot of investigation to pin it down at this stage after 6+ years editing of my roon db. The boxes in general fall into the following categories:

  1. Identified.
  2. Unidentified (no online metadata).
  3. Unidentified (deliberately so as the roon formatting is not good. Mostly issues with composition hierarchies and track running orders).
  4. Large un-navigable (in roon) box sets where I split the boxes. I identified the original CD where possible. Otherwise I identified the CD as part of the original box but kept it ungrouped for presentation purposes.

I generally avoid search, particularly with Classical. This is not because I find it completely useless 100% of the time but because I find it completely useless about 33% of the time. But that’s enough to make it highly unpredictable and so roon has trained me not to use it. So this could have been a hidden problem for quite a few releases. Mostly I use the artist/composer discographies and the composition browser instead. I only noticed the problem with search because I was in the composition browser and I had literally hundreds of unidentified single track Adolphe Adam compositions (Giselle etc.) This led me to the Ballet Masterpieces box. I have no idea why that box was in such a state (I don’t remember leaving it like that) but I fixed it (and Identified it) and as a sanity check I started doing searches and realised that box was not showing up and neither were pretty much any random major artists with a deep catalogue and represented in one or more large box sets in my local library.

I am assuming it has something to do with the depth of catalogues and the prevalence with which major artists appear in large box sets (locally) because if I remove the “identified” Ballet Masterpieces box set then a search on Richard Bonynge works normally. I can replicate the failure when I add the box back to my library. This is when I realised that this was a general problem when searching for virtually any major artists in my library.

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Would you mind sending me your roon db? I’m unable to reproduce the issue, even with very large box sets.

I’ll send you the instructions in a DM.