Getting ready for 1.2

Well I’m all ready for 1.2, I clean installed my HTPC got it positioned beside my Devialet.

Now just the impatient wait for RoonBridge so I can shut the Squeezebox Touch down, box it up and watch the average eBay price go up on it. :grin:

I think it’s only just in Alpha testing… probably a while yet?

Looking forward to v1.2, also. Has there been a rough date set for release?

Me too.

Do we know what’s included or is that kept a deep dark secret?


No dates sorry guys, all we know is that testing is continuing. The release announcement is made immediately after the devs decide testing has finished.

As to what’s included there have been some features of 1.2 publicly announced including Internet Radio, Linux RoonServer and RoonBridge.

Brian has also publicly noted that 1.2 includes a rewrite of the audio stack for Roon, making everything RAAT. This will enable much greater flexibility in Zone grouping and allow Roon to really start taking it’s place as a “whole of house” solution.


Give them a kick up the arse :wink: