Getting rid of unwanted stuff in Library

I am using Roon on a Nucleus server and getting all music from Tidal. I plan to start ripping albums but haven’t yet.

I would like to use the Library feature but currently there are many, many artists there that aren’t my taste and I didn’t put there. Is there anyway to easily get rid of unwanted stuff in the Library?

Is it possible that these “unwanted artists” are TIDAL Collections that you may have added during the first startup of your Roon?

If they are, then there will be tags such as “TIDAL:Jazz” in your list of tags.

You can remove TIDAL Collections by following these steps.

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Thank you for your response. After a few tries, I started understanding what you are talking about. (Sorry, Roon is a big piece of software.)

The unwanted albums are not tagged. But with your “select all” tip, I see now how to select them and get rid of them. Except that I cannot find the “Edit” drop down menu. It is simply not on the screen at all. I think I am using the latest version of the software.

Can you post a screenshot of the screen that you’re at where you say that the “Edit” drop-down menu is not showing? Actually, it’s not a “drop-down menu” - it’s a button marked “Edit”, so I’m a bit confused as to what you are looking at.

Here’s a screen grab. No edit buttons or drop downs.

Thanks so much for your continuing help.


That’s how the top bar (as referred to by @Geoff_Coupe) usually looks like:

Edit should be possible via 3-dots menu or the button at the right side.


You are obviously favored by the Roon gods and have been given the “edit” button that I have been denied. I envy you.


The FAQ article Geoff_Coupe has referenced here, clearly states ‘Start in the Album Browser’.
Why are you in the artist browser? Here it won’t work.

I’m not wild about your tone, Blackjack, but your advice is sound. I went to the album browser and the edit button appeared. Thanks!

Sorry about the tone Timothy. Google translate is a great help for communicating with a foreign language community but i think ‘tone’ is not a priority for it’s developers. There was no bad thought in the game.

I’m glad it works for you now.

No problem. Your advice helped.

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