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I think I might like Roon but above all I value ease of use. Roon seems way complicated to set up.

So I have Buffalo “TerraStation” NAS connected to my home network and a windows 10 PC. I simply cannot seem to get the Roon android app to read my music folder on the NAS. Every time I close the local folder accessed by Roon on from the PC, the Roon android app shows “Waiting for remote core” and “still trying to connect.” I’ve tried a lot of things suggested on the website but so far…nada.

So…how do I get the system set up so I can play Roon accessing my NAS music library using the android app?

Many thanks in advance!

Roon is not like other players as it is a Server software and a client software. The Android app is nothing but a client that logs into a RoonServer.

You need to load RoonServer on a PC, then you log into the server with the phone client, and point the server to the NAS where the music is stored. So, download Roon (or RoonServer) for your PC and then log your phone into the server running on the PC.

Turn off any firewalls on the pc…I assume that is where your core is. You can also run the setup on the core machine.

Hi @Gordon_Herz,

Take a look at this documentation about Roon’s architecture. Roon requires a Core machine (which in this case would be your Windows device). The Android remote device must connect to your Core machine to be able to use Roon.

As suggested, you can install RoonServer which does not require the Roon UI to be running on the Windows machine in order to use your remote.

Hi Dylan,

Thanks for this! Am learning slowly…

from what you say, Roon “requires a core machine…your windows device.”

My understanding is that if Roon is installed on my windows PC, that PC needs to be on in order to access/play my music library from, say, my phone or tablet.

I thought there was a way to install it on a NAS, so that the PC would not need to be on. In looking a little more, in order to do that, I would need what looks to be a “smart” NAS like the QNAP or other systems they recommend, not just a NAS that is a storage device. Do you know if I’m understanding that correctly?

Many thanks!

Hi Daniel,

Thanks for this!

I thought there was a way to install the roon server, say on a NAS, so the PC does not have to be on and running all the time in order to access my music library. Do you know if that’s correct?

Thank you!

See here:

I am not sure that it will work with this NAS. The Roon NAS instructions are based around QNAP or Synology NAS’ I have gotten it to install on a suitable ReadyNAS.

Keep in mind the NAS should have at least an i3 processor to make minimum Core requirements.

From Roon Server on NAS:

How do I install Roon on my NAS?

This project was a collaboration between the Roon Team and a member of the Roon community: Chris Rieke!

Chris had started working on the Synology version of Roon Server on his own, so we contacted him and arranged to work together on these projects. Chris will be involved in the maintenance and support for both of these NAS packages in the future.

Instructions for downloading Roon on Synology, QNAP, and Asustor NAS devices can be found on Chris’ website.


Thanks all for the information, greatly appreciated! If I understand now it seems that, to run in a way that is not dependent on having my PC on, Roon needs to run on a network attached drive that has an on-board CPU, with some of the brand names having been mentioned. Love my music but with fewer than 1K CDs at this point and unlikely to buy more and mostly going with subscription HD streaming services, don’t think I’m at that point yet, but will keep in mind for the future.

Thanks again!

You can also call them servers (designed for storage centric use/applications and with a special, tailored OS). If you only want to run Roon, there are also the Nucleus(+) and ROCK solutions.

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