Getting started Allo DigiOne and roon image


Is there a roon image for the allo digione like there is for the hifiberry ?

There is, but we just received the artwork ~48hrs ago, so it’s not integrated into Roon yet.

By image, do you mean the artwork for the zone icon – or a software image to run on your Pi?

Sorry. By image I mean software to run on my pi.

You can use dietpi or ropieee and enable the digione

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To elaborate a bit:

Allo and @Dan_Knight from DietPi have collaborated to create a DietPi release with a web interface for enabling/disabling various audio services (including RoonBridge).

More info:


At the other side of the spectrum, @spockfish (of this parish) has created Ropieee, a minimal distribution that serves one purpose only: running RoonBridge (with or without touch-screen).

More info & download: