Getting Started with Core on Windows Server 2016

I’ve used Roon in the past and am possibly coming back if I can get Roon Core to run on my Windows Server 2016 Essentials.

My configuration (I am trying):
Core on Windows Server 2016 Essentials (a headless server)
Client on Windows 10 (machine domain joined to WSE 2106; user ID a regular ID NOT a domain ID)
want to set up remote on IOS (iPad and iPhone) also
Trying to target a Simaudio Moon ACE; Roon Ready device

I installed RoonServerInstaller64.exe on WSE 2106. RoonServer started up. I selected Run on Startup from the right click options on Roon Server. There seems to be no way to configure RoonServer on the server. Read the KB; looks like you must configure RoonServer from a client.

I installed RoonInstaller64.exe on a client Windows 10 machine (machine domain joined to WSE 2106; user ID NOT a domain user, just a regular account). Ran Roon. Hit “Find My Roon Core”. Nothing. Tried adding RoonServer to Windows Firewall on the server; no changed. Tried typing the server IP in on the help screen (; nothing.

Tried uninstalling RoonServer on the server (uninstall did not complete correctly and I had to reboot and remove by hand). Then installed RoonInstaller64. Couldn’t run Roon from a remote window; couldn’t because OpenGL required. Uninstalled Roon. That looks like a no-go

So the question is: how do I connect to a Roon Core running on WSE 2016? It looks like people have done it, but I could not find any detailed instructions on connecting to the core.

Hi Greg,

I guess everyone who is using Roon on Windows Server 2016 is doing this with help of Phil’s AudiophileOptimizer.
Roon is running fine on my Windows 2016 machine in core mode. Thanks to AO.

AudiophileOptimizer BETA Thread

The default firewall settings on a Windows Server is set to “Public”. You will not be able to connect to it from a endpoint. You will need to change it to “Private” or just disable it or edit the firewall ports. Setting it to Private is your best option.


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