Getting Started with Hifiberry Roon

hi folks

possibly dumb question…but im trying to get my hifiberry DAC+Pro (XLR) working. Ive installed from the hifiberry Roon 1.3 image, and logged on using pi/hifiberry, but now im at a command prompt


and cant get any further…starx doesn’t do anything, nor start anything else. any ideas? Or is does this roon run “headless”?

thanks for reading…

If it’s a RoonReady image you shouldnt need to do anything except connect it to the network and power it on. It should show up in Roon.

Are you following their guide?

thanks for getting back to me.

so when i get to

everything should be up and running? if so, the RBpi was not showing up in Roon. Am i wrong in understanding that the roon.dmg does not install a roon bridge (as per guide) but a Roon endpoint?

the HifiBerry Roon client does indeed run “headless” (no real need for a screen once its installed). I was just failing to enable it in Roon, via


(where the HifiBerry DAC+ sits waiting to be enabled, once installed)

thanks for your help steve.

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