Getting started with Roon - should I get a Roon ready endpoint

(Gof) #21

Just buy a very good DAC like Chord qutest

(Tony) #22

Chord Qutest is not Roon Ready.

(Gof) #23

I’ve got chord mojo and Hugo 2 both roon ready like other chord dacs


Some misunderstanding with the terminology.

Not only are Chord DACs not Roon Ready, they don’t even have transport/streaming capability…

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(Dick Vliek) #25

Chord Mojo + Poly is roon ready

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(Tony) #26

Roon Tested maybe, but not Roon Ready.


True, Poly is now Roon Ready.

Can Poly be used with Chord DACs other than Mojo? Dunno.

Still, begs the question, i.e. Chord DACs are not Roon Ready.

(Irfan Hafiz) #28

Great set of suggestions in this thread. I did finally get a HiFiBerry Digi+ and a Schiit Modi DAC, my Yamaha digital cannot do more than 24/96kHz.
This was the first time I assembled a Raspberry Pi and I must say it was really fun. There were a few “gotchas”. But I had the thing up and running in an hour.
I have to say that the music from the Roon core sounded amazing. I then streamed some hires tracks from Tidal and some DSD files… Wow I am amazed at the difference.
I enjoyed it so much that I put together a HiFiBerry DAC and connected it to my Practical Devices headphone amp and had a similar fantastic experience.
I have been out of the home audio world for a few years and am amazed at the changes. Roon+ Raspberry Pi is an amazing combination.

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(Dick Vliek) #29

True, only with Mojo. For the other Chord dac’s you are right, only Roon tested.