Getting the G1 to do the work and not Roon

Just purchased a G1 to replace my Meridian MS200. The G1 connects directly to my Meridian DSP3100 speakers via digital coax. All is working well and sounds lovely.

My question concerns how I get the G1 to use it’s capabilities for DSD conversion and downsampling rather than Roon.

It would appear the settings in the Lightning DS app for DSD to PCM and downsampling only apply when music is played back using Lightning DS; for me they have no effect when using Roon. So this means that my DSDs are converted by Roon before sending to the G1, the same as for the few tracks that I have at 192khz, these are downsampled to 96khz by Roon.

In Roon I have set the capabilities of the G1 to 96khz as if I leave it at 192khz there is no sound (this will be because my speakers are limited to 96khz).

Is this how it is supposed to work or have I missed a setting somewhere.

Many thanks

This is correct for now. I saw posts over on the Auralic forums that they are intending to support their own processing post Roon Bridge (at least when it comes to MQA files), but that this hasn’t been released yet. You might get a better answer if you post over on their forums; I don’t think Auralic actively monitors this sub-forum here on the Roon forums.

(FWIW, I have a Vega G2 as the streaming Roon DAC in my main listening setup. I do not use their Lightning stuff at all.)

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Thank-you I have posted to the Auralic forum and see what response I get there. It just seemed strange behaviour as I thought one of the benefits of ‘Roon Readiness’ was knowing a devices capabilities. The G1’s behaviour seems to be counter to that unless you abandon Roon and go the Lightning DS route - which I don’t want to do.

The 6.0 Beta firmware that has been released for the G1 and G2 now allows those devices to handle processing (downsample/upsmple) instead of Roon - so happy bunny here :slight_smile:

There still appears to be an issue with DSD processing, this behaves as it did before, i.e. the G1/G2 does not communicate to Roon that it is capable of carrying out the DSD to PCM conversion itself so Roon does it, but progress all the same.

I will check this out, thanks. Maybe the December update fixes the DSD issue?

Got the G2 running stable and streaming from a ROCK.

I am afraid it doesn’t. I eventually got a reply from Auralic - they will not process DSD via Roon. The reason given was that the DSD stream could be 64/128 or higher and the G1/G2 only has the power to process DSD 64. Now, the consumer who laid out £1900 in me, says it wouldn’t be hard for the Auralic firmware to inform Roon that it could only process DSD 64; but hey what do I know!