Getting the most out of TIDAL via Roon (on Windows 10) to Devialet Phantom

I am new to Roon and have just installed a version on my HP Laptop (Windows 10). I am also a subscriber of TIDAL and would like to listen to MASTER quality (Tidal) the best way possible on my Devialet Phantom. I notice that Roon now converts Tidal flac 44.1khz, 24 bit 2 ch, MQA 44.1 khz from 24bit to 16bit and then to Gold Phantom via AirPlay Streaming. Is there any way to keep the 24 bit? and if so how? thank you

@moderators could you put this in hardware or support please?

Hi @Oswald_Jochum. Welcome to the Roon Community.
Airplay is limited to 16/44, which would be the reason for downsampling here. If you want a higher bitrate you need a different communication format.
I’ve found the best way to get Roon to talk to my Devialet Phantom Silver is via a “RoonBridge”. Basically, it sits between your core (your HP Laptop) and the Phantom, via ethernet in my case. The RoonBridge ‘translates’ Roon’s specific communication protocol (RAAT) to give the Phantom the proper digital stream. You can put one of these together pretty inexpensively in about an hour, based on a Raspberry Pi (RPi)microcomputer board.
Here is what I used. Basically it is a RPi board with another board neatly mated on top. It simply plugs onto the RPi board. This gives a SPDIF signal out which plugs into the Phantom. You control the volume either via Roon, or with the Phantom rotary volume control.
Works great! You get the 24 bit signal sent to the Phantom, no downsampling.
I’m going to move this to the Devialet area where more users might see it. They may have different solutions.