Ghost RoPieee ;-)

Hi @spockfish, just for information, I have a ghost RoPieee.
It is recognised by Roon, it works, it’s IP address is found by the HPE Network Discovery Tool, but the Web interface does not work. I’ll reflash one of these days.
I can login via PuTTY but I have no clue what to do in SSH, systemctl reboot did not solve the problem.


Wim, I suspect Harry will suggest two things:

  1. Update web components. Login to RoPieee as root/root and run this command:
  1. Reflash.

make sure you don’t have wifi and LAN in use together…if that even works :blush:

Thanks @Nathan_Wilkes, tried it but it does not resolve the issue.
Will reflash.

Thanks @wizardofoz.
When I disconnect Ethernet the RoPieee does not show up in Roon so I suppose WiFi is not enabled.