Giant log file created by Roon?

Running out of disk space rapidly today, I ran Disk Inventory X on my Mac only to find that Roon has created a log file of 58GB:

This is on my MacBook Pro that’s in use as remote only. What could be going on?

Hello @RBM , this looks weird. Can you try to compress it and send via email (my email is my first name Let us know, if the compressed file will still have unmanageable size.

Still ~240MB. I’ll send it by WeTransfer later tonight.

Thanks @RBM – very unexpected, obviously :disappointed:

Looking forward to getting your logs so we can figure out what’s going on here. And sorry for the inconvenience.

Should be something like 154KB. Mine is 154KB, not that it makes your situation any better ;=)

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@vova Since WeTransfer is down, I Dropboxed it – link sent by email.

@mike No apologies necessary – all part of the joys of early adoption, I guess… :wink:

@RBM, I got your email, someone from support team will let you know how it goes. We are apologize for inconveniences.

I have just had a similar issue. My log file was at 96 GB when my iMac started having problems due to a full disk. I could only cure the issue by uninstalling roon - the log file itself refused to delete without the app being uninstalled.

Here is the sequence of events:

  1. roon installed as master on iMac.
  2. I had a change of heart on installation location and installed roon as master on a Mac Mini (which is always on).
  3. Restarted roon on the iMac and told it to become a remote (which it seemed to do happily). The iMac connected to the Mac Mini once I had toggled allow remote connections on the Mac Mini roon app.
  4. The log file on the iMac grew to 96 GB - in under 24 hours. Similalry, roon was not active (i.e., I was not playing music) during that period. Both the iMac and Mac Mini were on, but that was it.

I will do a fresh install on the iMac this evening and report back.


@nimrod61 - while Roon is running you cannot delete the current log file it is using. You have to quit Roon and then you can delete the log file.

If you have a bunch of log files, you can delete all earlier ones (save the current one) while Roon is running.

@nimrod61, thank you for the report and sorry for the inconveniences, we are looking for the reason of such behavior. I’ll update the thread, when I have more information.

FWIW: after removal of the log file from hell, Roon has been a civil citizen on my MacBook, with log files under 1MB.

Sorry for this, the problem has been fixed and will be available in a future build.

Last night another log from hell built up (127,5GB – a new record ;-)). Laptop was closed and supposed to be sleeping, but somehow Roon has been up all night, logging away…

I had to delete the logs to restore functionality, but I guess it’s the same as before. Picture for your viewing pleasure:

I’ve just had a log file from this morning reach 8.79 GB, just on the remote. The error that is repeated many many times is:
05/30 08:41:11 Error: ** BAD **: Exception inside UnhandledException handler:
: Object reference not set to an instance of an object

What builds are you guys running? We thought we had that bug fixed (that paulw noted – it was an unhandled exception handler looping).

Build 9 here since tuesday…

1.0 release 9

@pcwilliams – any chance i could that log with the majority of the cruft cut out? we made it blow up after 5 unhandledexception loops, but it seems exit() is throwing now. we’ve never seen this on our end, so im very curious as to what triggered this

@danny uploading to now - 34MB compressed

OK, I’ve made a better fix for this that will be in build 13.

its a more brutal way to exit, but we know of issues with mono + gl exiting badly already… just didnt realize the problems went so far.