Give Radio More Options

How about giving the radio feature some more options? Like the ability to stay within the works by the same artist, or those the artist is also on. The ability to stay within an era or particular genre. Sometimes radio roams too far and wide for what I’m interested in listening to at the time.

Like a stepped slider?

Would be an interesting feature.

Step 1 this artist only.
Step 2 Includes Appearances/Collaborations/Other Groups which they were in, basically what is in the album listings on the artist page in Roon
Step 3 could widen out to include the similar to, influences and followed by
Step 4 Genre


and also to play random albums instead of random tracks.
i’ve installed the extensions doing this… but it’s not very stable, and from time to time… is disappears and have to install back.

Good to see someone else is vexed by how Roon has botched this once-valuable feature. Whatever Roon did to it around the end of 2017 has turned it into a smoldering pile of unrelated musical crap.