Giving TIDAL a go

ok, I’m giving Tidal another go and… at first I thought I might live with it instead of Qobuz then… I realized I do not like at all the way it tightly integrates with my own (local) music :unamused:

I mean… on Qobuz I have a (constantly growing :fearful: ) list of favourite albums
those are just “bookmarks” to albums I want to listen to and maybe purchase: not in the slightest it’s something I already want to add to my library!!!

with Tidal/Roon I can’t find a way to do the same: only workaround I could think of is a playlist but… playlists are only (endless, if used for full albums) lists of… tracks :rolling_eyes:

so… thinking about this… if the way Tidal/Roon works is what would happen if Qobuz too gets integrated… thanks, no!

thankfully the more I keep trying (to like) Tidal the less I succeed :stuck_out_tongue:

If you are in album view click on ‘focus’. Then go to ‘format’. Then check the box ‘Tidal’. You’ll now have a view of all your tidal albums.

Now click on the bookmark icon and click add bookmark. Name it tidal and you now have a view of only your tidal albums…

To create a bookmark of only your own library click on the green tidal bookmark. You now only see your own library. You can save this view again …

You can focus on a lot of things and create bookmarks…record labels for example


ok, then… what happens to tracks I have in a Roon playlist the day I remove one of those full albums from my Tidal collection? :neutral_face:

No idea :blush: I don’t use playlists

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collections + add to library will help you… playlist tracks are independent to “add to library”.