Glacial Download?

Today is my first “download” of a 32-track FLAC 44/26 album from Qobuz. Two hours into the process, only three tracks have an “import in progress”. At this rate, it might be summer before the album is complete.

Questions: Is this experience typical? Are they kidding? Any way to cancel this adventure?

And a note for the Roonie detractors. If you think Roon is not UI friendly, take a drive with the Qobuz app; you’ll appreciate Roon more. Sheesh.

Use torrent :crazy_face:

I just downloaded a 10 track AIFF 44/24 album from qobuz in 20 seconds so no problem with them from my perspective.

Nope, not normal. Are you using a VPN of some kind?

no. 200mpbs internet currently.

this is what I’m seeing and using. Alternative tools?

That’s what I used. Its fine.

Run Speedtest and see what download speed you’re actually getting at this time.

180 mBps ///

I’m sure qobuz has a bunch of CDNs to deliver content located in different parts of the world. Might be having a problem with the one you’re getting your music from. You could also try rebooting your machine and restarting the download app. Other than that I have no idea.

try from a web browser and download the whole album as a single tar file

That is how I do it. And then just unzip it to my desired location.

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