Glitch when switching from landscape to portrait view (iOS)

Very often when I switch my iPad (Pro 11" 2nd gen) from landscape view to portrait (and vice versa) Roon will blink, in other words turns screen will cut off to totally black for a split second then redraw in the new orientation… the screen switches off only for a split second but just enough to ruin the animation of moving from landscape to portrait or from portrait to landscape… this only happens with the Roon app and when I turn the iPad off and on again, Roon will behave smoothly for a while then go back to this behavior…

I think I may have seen this once on my 11 inch iPad Pro as well

Old topic, but I am resurrecting a year later - because I have a potentially related issue on Android.

I have recently repurposed a Lenovo M10 tablet as a permanent Roon client for my media center - I have pinned the Roon app so that it’s the only app a casual user can use on that tablet. (Pinning is similar to “kiosk mode” on iOS devices.)

The tablet rests in its cradle in landscape mode, when I take it out and rotate it to portrait orientation and a black bar runs across the screen in the same pixel location where the bottom of the screen would be in landscape orientation. Taking it out of “pin” mode corrects the problem - but defeats the purpose. Roon is the only app that behaves this way… it could be related to what iOS users are seeing with landscape to portrait flipping.

I filed a ticket with support - we’ll see what happens.

I’ve seen a ton of issues with the iOS apps, very frequent crashes/freezes, stuttering when scrolling the pages, choppy screen, etc… Never had an issue with my Microsoft Surface tablet, works super well… Feels like Roon (remote) was built more for a powerful PC rather than mobile device interface.