Glitch while skipping in playlist

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

iOS 12.3

I have graphical glitches while skipping tracks only in a playlist. Albums work perfectly fine. For this I created a video but can’t upload it.

Hi @SSK84,

Can you share a link to this video? You can use a shared Dropbox link or another similar service to share the video.

Thanks. Should do the trick :wink:

Thanks for the video, @SSK84.

I’m going to pass along your report to the team, but first I just want to verify a few things for the team:

  1. Start playback in a playlist
  2. Skip the track
  3. The error in the video occurs

This only happens in playlists? I know you said it doesn’t happen in albums, but let’s say you were to shuffle a focus or the track browser where there might be different album art — do you see it in those scenarios?

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You are right: it happens also when I skip a song during „random“ mode, meaning it changes the album and of course the album art. Every time the album art changes, this glitch occurs.

It doesn‘t happen on the ipad with same ios version.

Thanks for the additional info, @SSK84. One last thing before I pass this to the team — Can you confirm which iOS device this is?

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I am using iPhone X

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