Glitch with iPhone Control, Sonos EP

I’m extending the use of Roon to my den. For now, its endpoint is a Sonos Connect, then via RCAs straight to an MRX520. The rest is described in my profile. All wired except for Apple controls.

Today I was using my iPhone (X). [Before I forget, kudos for the design and intelligent use of small space. Full featured but not cramped. Great job.] After 30 minutes of listening, music stops and I get “Transport: Roon lost control of the device.” The fix was to fully exit Roon (on the iPhone only) and restart. Then music started. But, when later experimenting with grouping two rooms, I get the same error.

My wireless signal in the room shows 4 bands, and there was no extraneous movement in the room.

Any troubleshooting pointers?

There is a Sonos section in the forum. Often the problem is network related. There are many related posts.

I often do things in reverse order, e.g., write first, search later. Thanks.

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