Glitch with leading

Metallica …And Justice For all. When the folder that contains the files has the leading … It will not show up in Roon. Removed the leading … and it shows up fine. Weird.

This is neither a glitch nor a bug. It’s documented here:


In Addition, Roon supports user-configurable Ignore Patterns for folder names. These can be changed by selecting the Edit option in Settings → Storage → three dots menu for a watched folder. These patterns are not case sensitive, but do use the directory separator specific to your operating system (/ on Mac/Linux, \ on Windows). By default, every watched folder is created with patterns to ignore the following:

  • any folder named “tmp”
  • any folder named “temp”
  • any folder with a name starting with a period, for example “/…and Justice For All/ or /.temp/”
  • any folder with a name ending with .pmbmf

Anything leading with period is considered a hidden system/config files on some file systems, so is why Roon is likely set up to ignore them.

Thank you!

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