Glitches and dropouts when switching between files and radio stations

Hello, a Ropieee Newbie here.

I’m using rpi into a Naim DAC via an Allo Digi Signature HAT. I’m using RopieeeXL but notice an issue when I try and load live radio stations after playing files from the network.

The radio streams glitch and stutter until I play a lower rez file (320 Kbps) first, then they seem to be ok again. Why is this? Am I doing something wrong?

Many thanks in advance for any help you can offer. :grin::pray:

What protocol are we talking about? Roon?

Hello - yes, this is within the Roon platform.

I’m afraid this issue is sporadic. I can’t replicate it at will, but if I do work out what triggers it, I will let you know.

I noticed a Roon setting about adding a delay when changing file formats. Could this help? How many milliseconds would you recommend?

BTW, I’m four days into using the Ropieee set up and overall I love it so far. Thank you very much indeed. :pray:

Ok if this is Roon related then I suggest you indeed play around with those settings. I would try a few hundred milli seconds.

Furthermore keep in mind for internet radio it needs a good connection.